"You really are something.
Look at that, Otonashi.
Even in the face of despair, 
everyone's entrusting their hopes to someone else. You've given meaning to our lives."
"I play baseball you know.
One day, I'll smash a baseball through your window,
and when I go to get it, I'll find you.
That's how we'll meet.
We'll end up talking, we'll get along, and before I know it,
I'll be visiting you every day."
"Then quit complaining and do something about it."
There's something you need to do, right?
How will you accomplish it?
Tell me, what do you need right now?
Tell me.
My heart is too frail;
Don't touch it...
No more! [x]

you you you you, - are now closing your eyes.

simply simply simply simply, - simply laughing.

but but but but, - but your heartbeat.

gone gone gone gone - gone gone gone gone.  ( X )